Payment Wall’s Sausage Fest

Nothing screams German more than sausages and beer. True to the Oktoberfest in June theme, friends at Paymentwall put on a party in no shortage of beer or sausages. It was a true sausage fest in every sense, and this Silicone Valley type party did not disappoint. The party worked out well, since the lack of women was offset by guys in blond wigs and the beer definitely helped. Congrats to Paymentwall for such a fun party!

Payment Wall’s Sausage Fest photos.

payment wall photo boothpayment wall photo boothpayment wall photo booth

Vitaly’s and Amber’s Birthday Bash & the debut of SnapFiesta!

This San Francisco photo booth event was not only the celebration of Vitaly and Amber’s birthdays, but also the birth of SnapFiesta, San Francisco’s premier photo booth! What better reason to party?

Vitaly and Amber are personal friends of SnapFiesta and they certainly know how to throw a party. We celebrated on the San Francisco rooftop penthouse of the Avalon Apartments. The classic, Victorian-style black & white fabric used in this photo booth is still our most popular SnapFiesta backdrop.

Thank you again Vitaly and Amber for letting us in on your celebration and helping introduce SnapFiesta to the world! We can’t wait for next year’s party!

Birthday Party Photo Booth Photos!

SF Photo Booth
SF Photo Booth
SF Photo Booth