Light Painting Booth

With the SnapFiesta light painting booth, you and your guests step into an amazing artistic environment. The photos  are fully customizable and literally come alive in front of your own eyes in seconds!

Using various light painting brushes and lights, guests are able to create their own light painting masterpieces. Additionally, we supply an onsite light painting artist to create breathtaking images by drawing around event guests with light, and other equipment used to create custom backgrounds. We accomplish this with a dark tent or pipe and drape, sealing the light painting booth from the ambient lights of your event.

We’ll print this unique light painted background masterpiece in seconds, and we can integrate our light painting setup with socila media for your guests to post to their favorite social media!

100% Technology

  • Guests create their own light painting masterpieces using  light brushes
  • High quality equipment to create effect
  • Professional flash to result in high quality photos with clear faces and a light painting background

100% Customizable

  • Choose among our 50 vibrant backdrops
  • Choose your favorite printing format
  • Customize the layout of the prints
  • Add your event name/ logo/ Dates at the bottom of each picture