WHAT is SnapFiesta Slow Motion Studio ?

In our Slow Motion Studio, you and your guests will explore your creativity to a whole new dimension. Start by stepping into our mobile studio for a quick three second, high energy video. Using state of the art technology we are able to show your vibrant slow motion masterpiece instantly. You will have access to all of the videos on your very own online gallery just a few days after the event. The final videos will be edited to upbeat music and  and you will have the option to include a professional compilation music video.

This service is a fun and tremendously unique way to get your guests engaged and capture their unique personalities. From reenacting the famous strut from Reservoir Dogs to capturing every nanosecond of a tender kiss, the possibilities are endless. Our fun props and colorful backdrops will add an interactive element to your event and keep you and your guests 100% entertainment.