Photo Booths and Photo Entertainment as amazing branding and marketing tools

Photo booths are turning into the most popular form of entertainment at events of all kinds. Whether it’s for a banging music festival, a corporate party, or a private party, modern photo booths are packed with a host of marketing features that can be a great way to promote your business or remind guests about the fun they had at your event! Since everyone knows the photo booth craze is among us, we came up with the top reasons why SnapFiesta photo booths make amazing branding tools:


Increase your brand awareness with logos and messaging  Starting with the print layout as a mobile ad for your company can be a great tool for messaging. Think about it, the photos from your event will be displayed on desks and refrigerator doors with multiple daily views, so these prints are a great way to keep your branding and messaging in view long after the event is over. The amount of space people have for these memories is limited, so creating the best quality photos is key to win the best spot.





Maximize branding: Create a unique experience

Traditional photo booths are great but imagine the impact your booth will have if you get creative with a more dynamic service. Tell your company’s story with a flipbook, take a 360 video at your product launch with our SlowMotion360. Find the services that fits your event and brand, and remind clients about your brand by choosing your pictures design layout, backdrops and colors to compliment your brand and the event. Custom backdrops and sets can also act as prime ad space for sponsors or other stakeholders who would benefit from having their logos displayed at your event.




Increase your online presence : Broadcast your experience with social media 

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in this day and age. Your guests get to enjoy posting their photos instantly while it takes your brand viral on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the ability to post to other social media channels. Not only will adding social media integration to your photo booth generate great buzz but it will also give you data insights and event data capture for effective marketing campaigns. Your guests get to share their memories effortlessly and you get reliable and compliant guest data, it’s a win win!




Increase engagement

Just imagine: fun props, good music, lovely people and a kick ass photo booth to capture all of the fun; your next event can act as the perfect platform to engage with potential clients.  Photo booths are an ideal attraction and talking point for you with your customers.  They provide a relaxed environment that leads to better engagement.  Better engagement means added opportunities to talk about your offerings and create a foundation for future relationships.




Increase in ROI 

Bottom line is if you are investing in a marketing tool it has to increase your ROI, and photo booths are the perfect way to do so. Having the right photo entertainment service at your event can create a great buzz around your brand. Depending on the event, the ROI can be tremendous, and with the right marketing goals in mind, the effects can be seen a long time after the event. Don’t get stuck using out dated marketing tools, instead take advantage of all of the positives that photo marketing can provide for you!




Alma Desnuda Benefit

Alma Desnuda performed at this back yard fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, benefiting 17 year old Almendra who has acute lymphatic leukemia. SnapFiesta donated their photo booth for this Sacramento event.

See photos from the fundraiser!

Alma Desnuda Benefit Concert
Alma Desnuda Benefit Concert
Alma Desnuda Benefit Concert
Alma Desnuda Benefit Concert

Mission Ranch Photo Booth: Heather and Petar

Mission Ranch was the perfect setting for this Carmel photo booth. The California coastlines boasts a multitude of beautiful cities, but Carmel is in a class like no other. This was SnapFiesta’s first venture to this breathtaking locale, and it was to help add a little kick to the wedding celebration of Heather & Petar!

Heather & Petar celebrated their union at Mission Ranch which is a historic ranch resort that was rescued and preserved by actor and former Mayor of Carmel, Clint Eastwood. The setting of this venue is stunning, with views of the Pacific Ocean, Point Lobos, and Carmel River Beach. The ranch experience was maintained within charming settings, with the reception taking place in one of two historic barns, while sheep grazed in the nearby meadows.

The wedding ceremony and reception were both elegant and lovely and our SnapFiesta photo booth was the perfect addition to bring in some entertainment and hilarity to the party. After all, Love should be celebrated! It was so fun to see guests in evening gowns and tuxedos let loose and get silly while celebrating their friends.

Thank you Heather and Petar for letting SnapFiesta Photo Booth be a part of your festivities!

Photos from Heather and Petar’s Carmel Photo Booth.
Mission Ranch Photo Booth
Mission Ranch Photo Booth
Mission Ranch Photo Booth
Mission Ranch Photo Booth
Mission Ranch Photo Booth
Check out photos from Heather and Petar’s wedding photo booth!