The Top Photobooth Poses

When the camera focuses in some people feel awkward having their picture taken, others revel in the spotlight and attention a camera brings. Below are The Top Photobooth Poses so next time you are in the spotlight you wont be caught off guard.

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The Miley CyrusThis  former Disney princess turned rebellious pop star has become synonymous with sticking her tongue out in photos. While not the most flattering pose it says “I know how to have fun” while also giving a “I don’t really care how I look” vibe.  Its a good pose choice if you have had a bit too much of the punch and want to show everyone how awesome you are. 

KimThe Kim Kardashian– Kim is famous for being in front of the camera. She usually reverts to her oh so popular “Selfie Pout”. She is a selfie pro and the Lemme Take a Selfie song was probably written for her. When you aren’t feeling oh so fabulous when you are in front of the camera just do the “Selfie Pout” and you will find your confidence level rise.   

The Sorority Girl- A whole separate post could be written about various poses that happen when groups of girls get together. I sorwill name all these posses with the title “The Sorority Girl” for sake of remembering them. Gravity seems to weigh on sorority girls a tad bit harder and the Sorority Squat is a common practice when posing for photos, why stand when you can squat and look smaller? The Elbow Pop is another common go to pose of the sorority girl. It shows off her tan and athletic arms, her envy worthy jewelry and her amazing side profile. 


Last but not least when it doubt throw up a random hand sign, the Peace sign is always a safe bet.





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