Change your point of view thanks to the Ball Pit upside down photobooth !

In the years past, we’ve always used the Exploratorium’s Science of Cocktails event to showcase our best products and services. The Science of Cocktails is one of our favorite events of the year, with a great mix of people and amazing cocktails. Bringing out our services to an event like this, not only captures memories, but creates a unique event element that adds to the overall vibe. Over the years we’ve showcased our slow motion photobooth, Multi camera Animated GIF rig, light painting, and of course our open set photobooth. This year we wanted to showcase something special and memorable. Exploratorium events team loved the idea of the ball pit photo experience from the start and it was a slam dunk. For our second station we setup our unique VW Bus Bar set, with a special filter. Both sets had guests taking photos all night long.

Guests could not help but fall in love with our new setting which allows adults to jump into a ball pit. We say, let your inner child shine!! The Ball Pit Photo Booth made a great setting for guests to let loose their inner child and definitely kept the laughs coming all night! By combining our Ball Pit Photo Experience with the hip ambiance of the Exploratorium’s cocktail event, we kept entertainment at its peak.

Our VW Bus set was a huge hit as well. We decided to add a colorizing filter to this set, highlighting the colorful cocktails that guests would have in their hands. We welcomed guests to put down their cocktails at our VW Bus Bar and snap some photos. The saturated yellows, reds, greens and the teal of the bus came out fantastic. Guests walked away with prints and could share the photos on social media.