WHAT is FlipFiesta ?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine the story a flipbook can tell. FlipFiesta is a high-quality flipbook service, creating animated shorts in the palm of your hand. Flipbooks aka thumb cinema are one of the oldest forms of animation, and unlike the doodles school kids draw in the corners of their notebooks, SnapFiesta Flipbooks are vibrant memories that guests will cherish for a long time. Not only do your guests walk away with a flipbook, but there is an online component as well, allowing you and your guests to share and view video clips for many years to come.

Want to make it unique with these Addons ?

How does it work ?

  • Request a quote

    Start by requesting a personalized quote! Scroll to the bottom of the page and send us a quick message including as much information as possible about your event ( ie: location, date, time, theme, type of event, etc) so we can best advise you on each one of our dynamic services!

  • Choose your service

    Once you find the photo entertainment that best fits your event, we can book your date! The process is as simple as 123, you will receive an agreement from Snapfiesta and once the contract is signed, you can sit back and relax. SnapFiesta will be onsite the day of your event to get the party started!!

  • Tell us your preferences

    No need to worry we will keep you in the loop throughout the entire planning process. A couple of weeks before your event you’ll receive an email where you will get to communicate all of your specific preferences. Choose your online gallery settings,  the perfect backdrop,  and we’ll even design the ideal flipbook cover unique to YOUR event.

  • Have fun

    On the big day we will arrive two hours prior to our operating time to set everything up. Once the event starts so does the fun. Your guests will have a blast posing with our quirky props, as our personable technicians assist them and create the flipbooks onsite. Your guests will leave the party with their own flipbook.

  • Download your videos

    Less than a week after your event you’ll get to enjoy all of your online videos! You will receive a link from Snapfiesta where you can download all of the videos we took on the night of your event. You will also get an online gallery with all of the videos so your guests are able to download their own stunning piece of art!

  • Memories for a lifetime

    Kick the post event blues to curve. Flip your books and showcase it to your friends to relive your event. Thanks to SnapFiesta you get to look back at your awesome videos and relive the happy moments for years to come!