How to Customize your Wedding Photobooth!

Flowers, caterer, wedding dress, cake, and photobooth! Photobooths are now among the must-haves for your wedding checklist. And for a good reason! They entertain your guests all night long, capture the best memories, and can be a great addition to a wedding decor.

The question now is: how to make your wedding photobooth different from all the other photobooths you’ve seen?

Have a self-driving photobooth (literally):

Speaking of being a great addition to a wedding decor…Vintage vehicles turned into photobooths will add a romantic touch and make any place into a perfect wedding photoshoot. Inside and outside the vehicle.

Add a photo filter that matches your color theme:

Adding a filter can transform a classic photobooth into a glamorous unique photo station. Whether you want to highlight blue, red and yellow like in the VW Bus bar picture below, or add some RGB light shadows, it will make your wedding photobooth different from any other one!

Pick a different photo studio concept:

With the technology out there, there are limitless options for photo studios: Light Painting, Gifs, Slow Motion Studio, Flipbooks, etc…

Pick one that will surprise your guests! Slow Motion Studio is always huge hit. We can provide some fresh flower petals that you guests can throw up in the air and see fall in slow motion. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Create your own customized setup:

Pick any images for our Green Screen backdrop, or work with us on setting up a photo background. For instance, this background could be the gazebo where you said your vows, Green Screen pictures of your soon to be honeymoon destination, or a romantic scene with a flower wall, lanterns and wicker chairs.