Our Journey to VintageFiesta

Dear SnapFiesta Customers and followers, our team is very happy to introduce you to SnapFiesta younger sibling : VintageFiesta! Now that we have officially launched VintageFiesta.com, we wanted to take the time to share this incredible journey with you.

Listening and getting ahead of customers needs is our added value at SnapFiesta. Fun, surprise, memories, magical decor are part of what makes an event not only great, but outstanding! We wanted to help you reach that with VintageFiesta. 

VintageFiesta was born from the vision of combining the practicality of a modern photobooth set with the nostalgic whimsy of vintage vehicles.


Say Hello to Vinnie the bus! Vinnie is a funkadelic 1974 Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus. Because of type 1’s popularity during the counterculture movement of the 1960s the bus received numerous nicknames worldwide, including the Hippie Wagon. Measuring only 14 feet long, this self driving photo booth can fit in tight spaces both outdoors and indoors! Vinnie can fit 3 to 5 people comfortably but when the fun gets going the more people the merrier! Check out our VW Photobooth bus!

Fun Fact: The Type 2, along with the 1947 Citroën H Van, are among the first ‘forward control’ vans in which the driver was placed above the front road wheels!


Proudly introducing Gene, The Curtis Airstream! Gene is a 1949 Curtis Wright Clipper. Upon the post war era, the forties witnessed the early beginnings of new technologies. These innovations lead to the Curtis Wright Clipper, America’s masterpiece of lightweight and streamlined design. At 22 feet long, Gene is the perfect self-contained party lounge! The photobooth is an optional add-on for this particular trailer due to its spacious interior which boasts a kitchen with a refrigerator, a bar counter, a sink, seating area for 10, surround sound, TV and spectacular lighting to get the party started from the inside out! Check out our Retro Mobile Party Lounge!


Did you know: The Curtis Wright Clipper was built by war-experienced aircraft engineers and craftsmen! Talk about vintage travel luxury at it’s peak!

VintageFiesta-Airstream007 (1)Say hello to Hellen, the classiest Airstream in town!

Hellen is a 1959 Airstream Globester. In the 1950s the United States was the world’s strongest military power. Its economy was booming, and the fruits of this prosperity– suburban houses, and top of the line vehicles–were available to more people than ever before! The 1959 Airstream Globester is one of the rarest gems that emerged during that era.

Hellen is our premier VintageFiesta vehicle as it is not just a photo booth but also a retro lounge space! At 18 feet long it is perfect for outdoor events and large scale indoor spaces. It fits 6 to 8 people comfortably and as with our traditional open set booth, we use the same top of the line quality equipment that is guaranteed to have your guests look stunning!  Check out our Airstream Photobooth!

Fun Fact: The 1959 Airstream Globester model was only produced at their California plant for a few years and even then it was a special order. Hellen is definitely one of a kind!


Meet Terry the Taxi! Terry is a 1969 Austin fx4 London Taxi. The 1960s were a time of significant cultural and social change in London, and we have managed to secure a piece of history from  “Swinging London.” The taxi is a four door vehicle measuring at about 180.3 inches long, it can sit about three to five people comfortably. The photobooth design is simplistic, reminiscent of a vintage camera with an off camera flash. Check out our London Taxi Photobooth!

Did you know: The taxi was designed to maneuver through the tight streets of London so one of the more remarkable characteristics of the London Taxis its tight turning circle, it can make a U-turn on a dime!


Since 2015 our Vintage wonders has been making appearances at various events, making guests smile, laugh, and remember amazing moments with their friends! Like proud parents, SnapFiesta is looking after VintageFiesta step, excited to witness its daily success, growth and prosper!

With the same state of the art technology and equipment as SnapFiesta we are able to offer customizable backdrops, onsite printing, social media integration, and our traditional online gallery for any of our classic vintage vehicle photobooths.

Amazing vintage customizable decor, endless entertainment, physical and digital memories of the event : VintageFiesta is here to help you make your event outstanding!

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