The 5 points to consider before picking your photo entertainment!

Are you planning an event but not sure what kind of photo entertainment you are looking for? After working thousands of event, we have a pretty good idea of the process you should go through to pick the perfect service for your guests!

  • Who are the guests?

    Are your guests tech savvy? Creative? The more knowledgeable your crowd is about photo entertainment, the more you will want to push the boundaries of photography and come up with something unique to surprise them! If your guests are using a photobooth for the first time, you don’t want to book a flipbook station that will be a complicated concept for photo newbies.

  • What type of event is it?

    If you are organizing a gala for a company’s managers and directors, you’ll want something classy AND classic such as a step and repeat photobooth, without props and with a single image print out. If it’s for a festival, birthday, anniversary, etc you’ll want something fun and unique. Guests who dressed up for an official event will still want a keepsake of this day just like those at a festival but without jumping in a ball pit wearing goofy hats.

  • Do you have any constraints with the venue?

    Some venues just don’t have the space to book a light painting tent, or ball pit photobooth so make sure to check with the venue manager ahead of time. If you have a venue without spatial limitations, the don’t limit your creativity! Be sure to check out our other company as well,, to have a VW bus photobooth at your party!

  • How many guests are you expecting ?

    Some photo entertainment works better depending on the volume of guests attending. For example, we recommend the flipbook station for 150 guests or less to ensure everyone receives a token of their experience. It is slower to make flipbooks than print pictures and we want to make sure each of your guests receive one. In comparison, Photobooth and slow motion studio are unlimited and fast services that are a perfect fit for large events!

  • And finally, what is your budget?

    Photo entertainment rates vary depending on the service, number of hours, number of sets, and possible addons you would like to include. These may include social media integration, green screen backdrop, etc. If you have any questions regarding SnapFiesta pricing, don’t hesitate to reach out ! ( )