WHAT is SnapFiesta Slow Motion 360 ?

With this dynamic slow motion offering guests will have a blast exploring their creativity in multiple dimensions as they step into our rotating slow motion camera rig. The Interactive environment allows everyone at the event to participate while the 360 view captures every detail. This is our video version of the slowed down bullet time effect. Imagine standing on a platform with a slow motion camera spinning around you capturing every facet of the party. When replayed in slow motion, the spin is also slowed, and the resulting video captures the subject and background both in slow motion.

This is a great service for guests of all ages, as they get to rock out during their time in the spotlight while producing high quality clips they can treasure for a long time. During your event our onsite staff will be available to assist your guests and keep them engaged. After the event, you can access all of the videos on your own online gallery or you can share them instantly during the party through social media . This is a fun and tremendously unique addition for  indoor and outdoor events.

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