BOO! Did we scare you? Probably not but we can help you have a frightening good time this Halloween! Planning a Halloween party is already a lot of work, no need to spend extra time finding unique photo entertainment when SnapFiesta can take care of that. With our variety of services you are guaranteed to treat your guests to the best entertainment in town.

After working long hours on finding the perfect costume we know you want to make sure your Halloween memories will be snapped, printed and shared on social media as soon as possible; SnapFiesta is here to make that happen!
We hope the following ideas will inspire you :

Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity shine! If your party is too creepy for conventional Halloween decor a home made backdrop could be the ideal solution. Treat your guests with truly one of a kind set up and a photo booth that will make your party the most unique spookfest in town.

Here at SnapFiesta we believe the best photo booths are the most memorable ones so choose the perfect photo booth packages today and let us help you get your party on the never forgotten list.

EZPZ ! Book our Traditional photo booth package, choose your ghostly favorite among our 50+ backdrops , let us design a scary awesome layout for your prints, then sit back grab that bag of candy corn and watch your guests have the spookiest good time of their life!

To make sure your party makes an online buzz, Include the social media add-on : Your guests will be able to share their pictures instanteneously ( When Darth Vader is hugging a Minion, you wanna be able to post it right away..!)

This is no trick, treat your guests to the funnest booth around with our Slow Motion360 set up.

Have your guests step into our rotating slow motion camera rig and take a 360 video of their costume! The Interactive environment allows everyone at the event to participate while the 360 view captures every detail. This is our video version of the slowed down bullet time effect. When replayed in slow motion, the spin is also slowed, and the resulting video captures the subject and background both in slow motion. Book our Slow Motion360 studio for your Halloween extravaganza and we can provide spider webs, or creepy skeletons around the guests to add some spooky decor!

Be the first to try out our brand new fog machine! No matter what your Halloween style is there is no better way to ring in the scariest night of the year than being surrounded with the spooky eeriness of midnight fog, eek!

What would be more spooky than a green screen showing a haunted forest, while our machine brings the eerie feel of the woods to life..will you be brave enough to try it out? Thanks to our green screen add-on, pick up to 4 images of your choice, allowing guests to choose from 4 different backdrops. This technology is great to personalize your event and create unique memories!