SnapFiesta has been a leader in creating custom environments for events, using green screen technology! Transform the photo booth experience for your guests! Imagine flying through the air, or going on a Jurassic safari. How about a nice beach vacation from the comfort of your event? Based on chroma key technology, we can utilize a green or blue screen to create an endless array of virtual environments for your guests. The images can either be provided by the client or SnapFiesta. Guests can utilize up to four images and we can make even more than that available as needed.

Custom overlays can be implemented to create a three-dimensional effect, adding even more fun to the unique photo booth experience that we create. Combined with a custom prop package we can guarantee your guests and one-of-a-kind photo booth experience with SnapFiesta. Over time we’ve taken the time improve the quality of the final photo product with our professional lighting equipment and techniques. The photos come with near perfect quality of our traditional photo booth service.