Social Media Addon

They say that good things come to those who wait, but here at SnapFiesta, we’re in the business of instant gratification. Our clients love our quick on-site printing, and the most common response we get is:  I love these photos! How can I get a larger version?

Our standard process of uploading photobooth images onto our website galleries and Facebook albums for download takes about 2-3 days following the event. With our social media package, your guests get the VIP treatment, bypassing that wait-time to have or share their photo files! We’ll do the usual photobooth setup, with extra iPads thrown in the mix that allow guests to share their photos on-site via their personal email, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram! By the time guests receive their hard copy from our printer, all of their friends and family will already be able to see for themselves how much fun is being had at your event. Just like when they print and ultimately appear in our online galleries, shared photos will also include your preset branding. Now that’s good social media.