WHAT is SnapFiesta MultiCamera Animated GIF?

SnapFiesta has always been on the cutting edge of photo entertainment. With this new MultiCamera Animated GIF service, you will have the opportunity to star in your very own customized animation. Guests take a series of photos that fire off simultaneously to create a 3D bullet time effect that is then converted into a video, or animated GIF the hottest new social trend.
This setup is a very impressive looking system built on a truss and developed entirely in house. It has the ability to utilize anywhere from 5-40 cameras, starting off with a basic 90° sweep to a full 360° view.  During your event our charming onsite operators will be available to assist your guests and manage the entire process. After the event you will receive high resolution downloads and guests can share their animated GIFS or videos online from your online gallery.

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