Virtual Photo Experiences

Virtual Photobooth for your Virtual Online Events

SnapFiesta’s virtual photo booth has been a lifeline for many events that had to quickly pivot from live to online during the Pandemic. From holiday parties to virtual weddings and non-profit galas, guests were still able to enjoy fun, interactive photo-sharing opportunities (and still able to dress up – even if it was at home)! Our virtual photobooth is ideal for events of all types and sizes. We’ve partnered with some great events from our clients in 2020 and 2021. While live events are on pause and slowly beginning to re-emerge, the surge in virtual events has provided some salvation for the events industry throughout the shutdown. Our expertise in managing events, graphic design, and timely communication with our clients has set SnapFiesta apart from our competition.

Although nothing compares to a live event, there are some great opportunities for engagement for virtual events by creating a unifying event experience for guests that are not in a shared physical space. A photobooth for a virtual event consists of a custom link and can be shared pre-event. Some clients choose to keep the photobooth open before and after an actual event, or simply allow co-workers or friends to use the photobooth for a specific period of time. Our virtual photobooth also has some fun upgrade features, such as virtual props (or “stickers”), group “avatar” photos, where you can place other people in your photos. That’s right, you can take photos with others at the same virtual event – even if you’re not together!

As with our standard photo booth service, our virtual photo experience also includes AI-powered background removal, without the use of a greenscreen. Simply put, you could be taking a photo from your couch, and put yourself on a beach under an umbrella, sipping a Pina Colada! To add to the green screen/background removal, you can also add a digitally animated overlay to make your photo frame come alive as well!

An online slideshow and photo gallery for guests to enjoy during the event rounds out the virtual photobooth experience. These additional features create endless options for guests to enjoy the virtual photo experience. If you would like more info on our Virtual Photobooth, please contact us!