Take your photo experience online with SnapFiesta’s new Virtual Photobooth (no waiting in line here)! Guests snap a selfie and our system takes care of the rest. Our virtual photobooth features a touch less interface that can be used both online and live events. Choose from a standard virtual photo experience with custom overlays, social media sharing, and a unifying virtual gallery available to all guests. If you would like to add background replacement, we got you too!

Within moments of taking their photos, your guests will receive the branded photos, with optional background replacement, or a SnapFiesta Beatbox video customized to match your event.

What is the SnapFiesta Beatbox video?

The SnapFiesta BeatBox Virtual Photobooth creates generative art with sound reactive live effects, making the effect “dance”, adding a unique look for a static selfie that’s probably taken in someone’s living room. All  activations include a custom event overlay, client provided logo and text for a personalized look.

Either virtual photobooth option is a great addition for live events, promotions, allowing guests to share branded photos. Our service is fully customizable, with a wide range of custom effects. Our automated system can handle hundreds of photos per hour, making this service great for both small and large virtual gatherings. Please check out some samples below.