PopSugar @ GAP, San Francisco 12.6.12

PopSugar, a leading lifestyle and entertainment digital destination, partnered with GAP and held an event to showcase and explore their guests outerwear accessory creativity.  PopSugar, with headquarters in San Francisco, is known for its celebrity content, and women’s lifestyles, while focusing on fashion and everyday living trends.

This event was very much the same theme that PopSugar is known for.  All of the guests focusing on women’s passion points, such as: entertainment, fashion, beauty, and fitness.  The pictures taken demonstrate this as they held captions featuring these commonalities, with an array of combinations.

SnapFiesta was there to capture every moment, as they styled themselves with Winter accessories.  Photos taken in the photo booth were then later entered into a contest for prize giveaways.  While their motto is “love comes in every shade”, this night it came in every single creative idea with warm and cozy fashion accessories.

Everyone had a fabulous time, including Snap Fiesta, while enjoying complimentary appetizers, drinks and an awesome 30% discount from GAP!

To view the gallery, go here!

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