Science of Cocktails 2016

With over thirty stations and a multiplicity of spirit representatives SnapFiesta had a blast stirring things up at the Exploratorium’s 6th annual Science of Cocktails. Attendees enjoyed a variety of cocktail related demonstrations, an open bar, and a delicious collection of hors d’oeuvres.

There were chemist, physicists, master distillers, and mixologists that entertained guests by demonstrating the science behind their favorite cocktails. SnapFiesta was there to capture all of the fun as attendees learned how to turn beer bottles into recycled glasses and isolate their DNA using alcohol.

We set up our open-set studio and slow-motion video studio for guests to stop in and enjoy throughout the night. In the midst of the cocktail fun guests had a blast posing with our quirky props and getting a momentum photo at the photo booth. Guests also got to conduct their own three second experiment videos with our slow-motion studio, even abc7newsbayarea joined in on the fun! 


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