BeatBox Video for Virtual Events

A SnapFiesta exclusive, Beatbox by SnapFiesta was created to offer an additional online virtual video sharing experience for a variety of events! Beatbox made its premiere at the ILEA NCC Virtual Gala in the fall and guests loved the interactive multimedia components, such as animated graphics, logos, specific text and digital overlays, and more to create their own digital art pieces!

Beatbox activations can be created from a blank canvas or an existing image and customized to fit your event theme. To use, guests simply text their photos via a specific phone number provided, and a unique Beatbox video with audio and advanced photo effects is sent back within seconds!

The unlimited number of videos created allows for hours of photo manipulation and fun! Beatbox videos are shared with guests through an intuitive text-based interface. We can also create a live depository of all the videos as well as facilitate a live virtual slideshow.

The Beatbox virtual photo experience adds a unique option to our online virtual photo-sharing experiences.

Unlike the virtual photobooth or virtual mosaic wall, the Beatbox allows for a more personalized creation due to its multimedia components, use of audio, and photo/AI effects. Due to its more artistic elements, The Beatbox is best suited for more exclusive or “themed” special events. SnapFiesta will work with you to provide custom backgrounds, audio options, and other multimedia effects to make your photos POP and offer each virtual guest an exclusive photo creation!

The Beatbox photos can also be customized with specific text, images, or logos to add branding opportunities as well as a more artistic look. To learn more about the Beatbox, please give us a call at (855) 762-7343 or Contact Us. You can also learn more about our virtual experiences here