SF Moma Corporate Partners Night

Members of SFMoma’s Corporate Council got an exclusive chance to unwind with an evening of food, drinks, and live music as they enjoyed the museum after hours at the January Corporate Partners Night.

In addition to a private showing of all eleven exhibits installed at the time, including Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective and Picturing Modernity, guests got to hop into our photo booth studio, in front of our laid-back Greydient backdrop while they stole the show, and walk away with evidence of the great memories they made that evening.

The atmosphere was lively with laughter and the feathers of boas flying all about in the fun. Perhaps all the creative energy in the art surrounding guests sparked their inner muses because, after draping themselves in props galore and stepping in front of our cameras, everybody turned into a total goofball. Just the right kind of people for SnapFiesta’s “think outside the booth” mindset.

View the gallery here.

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