SnapFiesta 2017 Resolutions

Tis the Season!!

At SnapFiesta, there is nothing better than the chill of winter in the air and the exuberance of beautiful light displays throughout town letting us know the holidays have arrived! The holiday season is the best time of the year for our photo booths to transform into the spotlight of every party and celebrate those special moments! Thanks to our amazing variety of holiday events and spectacular clients, we were able to wave 2016 goodbye and capture the very best of the season surrounded by genuine smiles and stunning photographs!

As we looked back at the amazing last couple of months and all of the great memories captured in the Snapbooths this past year, we couldn’t help but get excited for what’s in store for SnapFiesta in 2017!

So along with some of our favorite snaps from this season we wanted to share the top five SnapFiesta 2017 resolutions:

1. Keep up with the glitz and glamour!

This year we hope to extend the possibilities of our open set photo booths. There’s nothing better than being able to offer the very best to our clients, so in 2017 we promise to keep surprising your guests as they step into any one of our personalized glamorous environments.

2. Spark the entertainment!

The Bay Area is full of the most enjoyable party goers and there is nothing we love more than being part of this jollification! In 2017 SnapFiesta vows to keep the laughs coming and the entertainment at its peak.

3. Snap the love!

The absolute best part of Snapfiesta has always been our amazing clients that allow our photo booths into their celebrations year after year. We love our clients and we want our clients to love their parties, so in 2017 we will do whatever is necessary to keep spreading the love!
4. Push the photo entertainment envelope!

At SnapFiesta we want to provide each guest with the most innovative photo entertainment possible! This means in 2017 SnapFiesta will turn up the heat: more props, more backdrops, more designs, and especially many more smiles! We can’t wait to continue our quest in providing effortless photo entertainment at top tier quality all wrapped up in limitless fun.
5. Think outside the booth!

Last but definitely not least our most important resolution will always continue being: To capture all of life’s most magical moments one event at a time!


-Thank you to all of our amazing clients and everyone that participated in making 2016 such an unforgettable year for the SnapFiesta team.

Happy Holidays and Welcome 2017!!

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